At Cycle Works, service is what we do.

We know you want your bike running great so you can get back to the fun stuff: riding!  That's why we work hard to get your bike back to you in days not weeks.  We strive for a 24 hour turn around on bicycle repairs, even suspension work.

At Cycle Works, we do not discriminate against any bicycles. No matter what brand or how long it has been sitting in the garage, we’ll service it! Everything from a flat tube change, to a wheel build, to a complete overhaul.

See our service menu below for a summary of what we offer.

If you are not sure what needs to be done, it is best to bring your bike into the shop.  We will go through the bike with you and let you know what service is needed if any.  We do not charge for diagnostics, and all adjustments will be made with your consent.

At Cycle Works we are very passionate about bike repair. If we can fix something instead of selling you a new part we'll do it.  If the part is just too far gone, we won't charge you for our attempt to fix it, and will find you a new part at the best possible price. 

Please note service menu does not include pricing for parts, only labor.


Basic Tune Up $50

         Adjust Shifting, brakes, minor cleaning

 tune-up $80

Adjust, Trues, cleans, and lubes everything on the bike.

Overhaul $150

Tune up + new grease in bottom bracket, hubs, and headset. This should be done every 3 years to avoid corrupted grease and dried out bearings

Boxed Bike Build $150

$100 For single speeds

The bikes we sell come professionally assembled already so we would encourage you to just get one of those.  However if you find yourself supporting Amazon instead of your local bike shop we can put it together for you.

Bike Pack for Shipping $50

Just drop your bike off and email us your bike flights shipping label and set the pick up from here at the shop.


Fork Rebuild $70

Includes a cleaning and new oil. Seals are additional cost.

Rear Shock air Sleeve service $40


Flat tire Change $10

Replace Spoke $30

True Wheel $15


Wheel Build $70

Adjust Hub $10

Overhaul Hub $30


Adjust $5-15

Install Cable $15

Brake Bleed $25

Remove/Install Brake $20


Install/Replace Chain $10

Derailleur Adjust $15

Install Cable/housing $15


Adjust BB $10

Install/Remove BB $25


Adjust $5

Install/Replace $30