Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz
Trail Steward Badge

Sex up your ride today!

Sex up your ride today!

Why do you want this sticker?
For the price of a $20 coffee you can get a sticker that shows everyone how much you care about local trails.

Plus: it can cover scratches, make your bike go faster and jump higher, can be used as an emergency tire boot, and of course 100% of the proceeds are funneled straight into building Santa Cruz trails!

Stop by any local bike shop to get one for each of your bikes.
Buy one at Cycle Works and get a free beer!


More info:

The Trail Badge is an annual sticker that supports MBOSC with twenty bucks straight towards trails. All membership levels include the Trail Badge, but you can also buy the Trail Badge by itself without becoming a member. Since not everyone is, or wants to be, an MBOSC member, non-members will be able to pick up a Trail Badge at our local bike shops. We encourage any user to support local trails; it will go a long way to promoting a diverse, well-maintained, and sustainable local trail network. The idea of the Trail Badge is that it becomes the norm for everyone, much like the Squamish Off Road Alliance (SORCA) Trail Pass. It’s a cool sticker, it goes towards your local trails, and it’s an affordable price point. Plus by proudly displaying it on your bike, water bottle, or helmet, you can guilt non-members into joining.


Become a full fledged member of MBOSC.

With a broad spectrum of membership levels, you’re sure to find a pricepoint that fits your budget. Dip your toe in with a $20 Trail Badge, or dive in head-first with the $1k Trail Angel package.

When you become a member, your membership dues help fund:

  • Advocacy for new trail projects!

  • Trail restoration, maintenance, planning, and construction projects!

  • Volunteer training and education!

  • Races and community events!