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 Professional bicycle maintenance,  repair, and know-how at an honest   rate... folks you can  trust. 


Take your stud out of the stable—or the clunker out of the garage—and return it into the dream boat you know it deserves to be.

BASIC /$60

With this option, your bike will get a light cleaning, a full safety check, brake, shift, and headset adjustments.

FULL /$90

Same as above.
Plus, we’ll shore up any play in your hubs and true the wobbles from your wheels.

PRO /$200

The tune-up for people who actually ride. Treat your bike to the rejuvenating spa day it deserves. For starters, drivetrain will be treated to a toasty warm dip in our ultrasonic parts washer. Next, we flush your old brake fluid and rebleed your brake line, eliminating all air bubbles—reviving that crisp and responsive braking feel they once had. Before we reassemble your drivetrain, we clean and grease your bottom bracket, headset, hubs. As far as your wheels are concerned, we'll start with a drop of lube on every spoke nipple before making it perfectly round, true, and dished. Your—now sparkling—drivetrain will be reassembled and adjusted for swift and consistent shifting. Furthermore, we'll also ensure all cables and housing are lubed, or replaced if necessary. We'll also straighten your derailleur hanger—after any surprise impacts which may have thrown it out of alignment. Finally, we check that all bolts are safely within their individual torque specifications. That's it, time to remove the cucumber slices, call you up, and let you know your bike is happy and ready to shred once again.

Mountain Bike Pro /$400

All of the amenities listed above.
Plus, we'll meticulously clean and lube your suspension pivots and hook your dropper post up with fresh oil and SRAM butter. For the cherry to top, we’ll lovingly service your shock/fork by replacing the seals and fluid.